The Tarnished Image of the Father

A prominent Australian newspaper reports that a man who separated from his wife, claims that his wife and the religious organization she belongs to acted together to "brainwash" his son against him. See the article here: The Australian. The man claimed to have photos which showed that he had a enjoyed a close and meaningful relationship with his son, until his separation with his wife.

This is similar to the stories I hear time and again from fathers who have separated or where never really together with the mothers of their children. Many of the single fathers I know say that although they pay regular child support and try hard to be a part of their childrens' lives, they are often refused contact with their children by the mothers. Or, the mothers just make it so difficult for them to see their children, they rarely get to see their children at all. A few of the men I have spoken with even reported being attacked or assaulted during an exchange by the mothers' new boyfriends or spouses (an experience I have had myself).

I will be post more articles on this subject as I believe it is a part of a country-wide social phenomenon. I will also be posting articles on and discussing the legal issues that single fathers face.

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