PAS is Real

Here is an article I found at Trondson Online: It discusses the various ways that mothers alienate their children from their natural fathers and outlines some interesting statistics on the subject of custody.

The video below explains Parental Alienation Syndrome and some of it's consequences:

Learn more about PAS: Click Here!

Canada's Fathers Fighting For Their Children

Apparently, there is a lot going on right now in the Canada's Courts as far as the legal status of father's rights. It appears the courts are starting to recognize children's and fathers rights more. I keep finding articles out of Canada on the subject.

I found this article on Angiemedia today, and I thought I would feature it. It illustrates the disturbing trend of the courts to ignore the fourteenth amendment to the United States Constitution as it appears to apply to fathers rights in child custody/visitation cases.

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Parental Alienation Syndrome

I stumbled upon this very interesting article which explains very well my own situation, and the frustration I have experienced in trying to have contact with my son: Court Awards Sole Custody to Father Due to Mother’s Parental Alienation. Although this story has a pretty happy ending, my son and I have not had the same luck.

I think any father who has been going through what I have, will relate to the article. I was especially fascinated by a link in the article which pointed to this Wikipedia entry on Parental Alienation Syndrome.

I am very interested in hearing of the stories of other fathers who have stories similar to mine or have had similar problems relating to visitation/custody of their children. There is comfort and strength in unity.

Thank you.

Fathers For Justice

I thought I would share this article out if England:

The Fathers For Justice is a group of individuals united for the purpose of protecting childrens' right to have a relationship with their fathers. Apparently, they caused quite a stir when they demonstrated in superhero costumes.

I especially related to this article, because when I went to visit my son as a toddler I usually wore my Superman costume just to make sure my visit would stick out in his memory.

The Tarnished Image of the Father

A prominent Australian newspaper reports that a man who separated from his wife, claims that his wife and the religious organization she belongs to acted together to "brainwash" his son against him. See the article here: The Australian. The man claimed to have photos which showed that he had a enjoyed a close and meaningful relationship with his son, until his separation with his wife.

This is similar to the stories I hear time and again from fathers who have separated or where never really together with the mothers of their children. Many of the single fathers I know say that although they pay regular child support and try hard to be a part of their childrens' lives, they are often refused contact with their children by the mothers. Or, the mothers just make it so difficult for them to see their children, they rarely get to see their children at all. A few of the men I have spoken with even reported being attacked or assaulted during an exchange by the mothers' new boyfriends or spouses (an experience I have had myself).

I will be post more articles on this subject as I believe it is a part of a country-wide social phenomenon. I will also be posting articles on and discussing the legal issues that single fathers face.

Letter From a Frustrated Father

Message: Hi David,
I like your website. It's interesting how the Universal Mind guides us in life. I was once homeless in Reno, Nevada when I was 19. Although my mother came to my rescue after I tried to do everything in my power to survive on my own as I did not want to be a burden to her. She raised me and four other siblings on her own after my father died in an accident. I was abused as a child as well and didn't even know it until many years later as an adult.
I have always tried to help the homeless in this way or that. One day, I came across a lovely old lady in Redondo Beach, California an area close to where I live. I saw her and realized that she was at least around my own mother's age. I stopped and asked her if she would take some money. She refused. So I asked her in her caution of me, if we could just talk. Initially she was standoffish, which I totally understood. I noticed that she had hands that were deformed. Although that did not bother me and certainly it seemed to not bother her as she was obviously born that way.
She asked me why I was interested in her. I told her that when I saw her, that she reminded me of my mother. And that I wondered how it was that a woman of her age had come to live on the streets. She told me that she had been living this lifestyle (her words) since the late 1940's. She said she used to be one of the original Pismo Beach Beatniks that decided to live outside of what mainstream society had created for itself.
I had told her a little about my street experience. She wasn't shocked or surprised of course. She was 73 years old and had been living her way for about 56 years. She said that she had had a family, but that she was always the outsider. She never mentioned anything about her hands in that regard. But people were even harsher in the '40's and '50's towards people with deformities and mental handicaps.
I thanked her for sharing her story with me and asked her once again if I could offer her any money to help her out even just a little bit. She eventually agreed to take some money but I think she only did so because I seemed a bit melancholy as I had told her that my mother was only a year or so younger than her and yet, she was wasting away in an Alzheimer's care facility in Colorado near my hometown of Aspen. My older brother and youngest sister look after her.
My wife and I worry a lot lately as we barely pay our rent and other bills. I have two children from a previous marriage who live in my neighborhood where we moved to after living 30 miles away for about four years and I was traveling three to four days a week to see my kids and also on the weekends. I had always sworn to myself that I would never abandon my children no matter what, especially after losing my father when I was seven years old. It devastated me and it took me until I was about 19 to stop crying. Losing a parent is tough when you are that young. Although it must be tougher when they are alive, but never really there for you.
My ex-wife has custody, even though she is abusive to my children, the Los Angeles County Department of Family and Child (Services?) granted her full custody even after she had been reported for abusing my son and daughter. Bureaucracy always amazes me. The abuse of my children from when they were infants is another story all together.
I would send you a few bucks, but I would need an actual mailing address as I do not have a credit card. ( got rid of it a few years ago after maxing it out trying to pay my massive child support payments). That's what's killing me. Having to pay my ex-wife for abusing my children. It enrages me. My wife and I have been trying to deal with the fascist state bureaucracy for the last five years. We are presently waiting to hear back from Child Support (Services?) about a court date to reduce my garnishments. I lose more than half of my measly paycheck to my ex-wife every week. I have had such a hard time just giving my kids the simple little things they ask for. We don't even take them to breakfast or out to dinner anymore. That's how tight our money is.
So you see, my fear is ending up on the streets again. I have even thought about talking to my wife about getting a divorce so I will not be a burden on her. My other fear is ending up with Alzheimer's like my mother. I can't live on the street with a disease like that.
It's interesting how we are all just trying to survive. I give thanks everyday for the wonderful woman who thought so much of me that she would be willing to take on my children AND my ex-wife. My children say that they love my wife more than their own mother. That's a sad thing to hear when your children say something so profound that they would rather be with us than their own mother. I have already warned my ex-wife that her children are already moving away from her, distancing themselves from her.
I have a good family and a few good friends and that's all one can ask for in life.

I hope you keep up your blogs and your stories.


Blaise Gauba
Torrance, CA